10ml Sample Refund Offer T&Cs

Customers both new and old can now help themselves to a free 10ml sample of any of the flavours in the range on a "Future Discount" basis on the following terms:

1. On the Future Order the customer can apply the discount code provided and this will deduct the price of the 10ml at checkout.

2. Customers are free to buy a 10ml of all flavours (or just 1 or 2) and add them all to the initial order but the discount code will only deduct the price of a single 10ml from their subsequent order.

For example, 4 flavour samples will require 4 Future Orders for the discount code to offset their expenditure; 3 flavour samples will require 3 Future Orders and so on.

3. The value of the Customer's Future Order must be a minimum of £10.

4. Shipping charges will apply to all orders, including samples, and are not part of this offer.

The purpose of this offer is to assist customers to try the other flavours from our range at the lowest cost possible. Any abuses of the offer will invalidate it. I hope you find a new favourite amongst them!


The Discount Code is: