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Bread of Heaven is a delightfully complex eLiquid; The ultimate ADV (all day vape). It subtly combines sweet dessert, dried fruit and citrus notes with a very mild tobacco to keep you guessing. Never boring BoH has attracted fans worldwide since its release in 2013, The Welsh RY4.
Crow Black is a complex pudding vape inspired by the Indian Pudding Rasmalai. Sweet and creamy with pistachio, almonds and the merest hint of cardamom to finish. Again, designed as an ADV, it doesn’t overwhelm but draws you in to explore its subtle, creamy mysteries.
Snow Queen is an authentic tobacco Menthol. Designed, again, as an all day vape it has many layers, from its woody, sweet heart pierced through with a gentle menthol/ mint humbug. In short, it is what a menthol cigarette should always have been. Deeply satisfying and moreish.

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